Our Process

Once you have decided to retain Bonner Enterprises we pursue the following steps:

1. Develop a memorandum of agreement outlining how your agency, group or firm will work with and reimburse Bonner Enterprises. We can either use the memorandum of agreement drawn up by Bonner Enterprises or we can sign a consultant agreement drafted by your organization’s legal team.

2. Jointly review the bid or develop a scope-of-work with time lines and achievement milestones to accompany the memorandum of agreement, which both parties will sign before work begins.

3. Schedule a time when members of the B onner E nterprises team can meet with Board or staff members in the organization who will be involved in the project.

This simple process ensures that you get what you want in a timely manner and it provides the measurable outcomes that both your organization and Bonner Enterprises will use to evaluate success. To guarantee your satisfaction the President of Bonner Enterprises, Patricia Bonner-DuVal, is personally involved with and oversees all contractual arrangements, regardless of the nature of the work being provided.